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Latest Versions

Stable version:    2.2.2
Being developed:    3.0.0

General Information

kalc is a scientific programmable calculator for PCs. It uses RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) for data entry. Its behaviour imitates a HP48/HP49 calculator, but it is not an emulator, does not require a ROM to run and contains no code from those calculators's ROM.

The current version features support for real and complex numbers, over 200 bult-in functions, support for working with numbers in bases other than decimal and support for programming, including conditionals and loop structures.

The next version will include, besides teh above features, support for integers of any size, arbitrary-precision ireal and complex numbers, loadable function support (in a way similar to Matlab), and much more.

Latest Stable Version

The latest stable version is 2.2.2. Its source can be downloaded from the main kalc distribution site:, or from the SourceForge project page. Also available for download are RPMs for Intel i386 proccessores and a pre-built DOS version.

Here are some links to the latest version:

MS-DOS Version

There is a version of kalc for MS-DOS systems. Click here todownload it.

Since that version was built with DJGPP, it is a 32-bit program that needs a DPMI server to run. If you are going to use kalc in a DOS box under Windows, then no problem -- Windows has a DPMI server. But if you are going to run kalc under pure DOS, then you should download also get this file, which is a free DPMI server for MS-DOS.

kalc requires a math coprocessor to run. If you don't have one (that is, if you have a computer up to a 486SX without it -- 486DX and later processors have the math coprocessor built-in), then get this free emulator.

Version being developed

Currently I'm working in version 3.0.0 of kalc. You can see the status of the project through the SourceForge Project Page.

If you'd like helpming he develop kalc, e-mail me at

If you want to try the latest code available, you can do so by getting the CVS version of kalc. It is possible to checkout via pserver. To do so, type the following two commands:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co kalc

When prompted for the password, simply press the ENTER key. You'll need several tools to build from there (automake, autoconf, etc.)

From the checked out copy, you can update to the latest version with:

cvs update

Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists for discussion about kalc. For more information about each list, or to subscribe/unsubscribe, click the links.

Contacting the author

You can send me e-mail at the following adddress: Be sure to check the mailing lists, also.

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